Double Majors in Political Science

Double majors have become incredibly popular among Political Science students, who must complete either a minor or a second major as part of their degree requirements. In many cases, you can complete the second major for no, or just a few, additional courses if you’ve planned carefully. There’s more opportunity to count courses between two majors than between a major and a minor, which makes this possible. Please see your Political Science advisor to discuss potential double-majors and how it might impact your progress.

Double Majors and Dual Degree Seeking Students

As a double major you will choose to earn one baccalaureate degree and a add a second major.  With careful planning, this can be accomplished within the minimum 120 credit hours that are required to complete any undergraduate degree.

As a dual degree student, you will choose to earn two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously. The minimum number of credits required is 150.  All requirements for both degrees must be completed and you must take at least one writing intensive class in each degree field. The General Education requirements only need to be completed once.

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