Open House


Are you a potential Political Science Major?

The field of Political Science studies politics, law, campaigns majors study politics, law, campaigns and elections in America and other countries; war, peace and globalization, and ways to diagnose and solve policy and social problems. Students who major in political science acquire skills in writing, communications, and analysis that are critical to a liberal arts education. Many different career paths can be met, including those in the following sectors: government, business, finance, law, military service, journalism, political campaigns, and policy analysis. Recent graduates have found employment in all of these fields and many more.

The department also offers graduate, undergraduate and certificate options in Security Studies and graduate and certificate degree option in Public Administration.

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Explore your Major:

Your Major Matters-Political Science (2 minutes)

Introduction to the Political Science Major (22 minutes)

Q&A: What minor should I consider with my political science major? (1 minute)

Q&A: What are the advantages of double majoring? (1 minute)

Q&A: What about law school? (1 minute)


Advising and Registration:

POLS Advising & Registration Information  (15 minutes) – Please watch video in its entirety. You can download a PDF copy of this video here.