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Donate to the Political Science Department

Want to make a major difference and support the Department of Political Science? Contact our Director of Alumni Relations and Outreach to learn about impactful opportunities such as creating scholarships and professorships, stock or estate gifts, and more. You can contact her directly by phone or email via the contact information below. 

Ashley Harzog, M.Ed.
Director of Alumni Relations and Outreach
Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 252-737-1753

  • Political Science Department-Political Science priority funding offers unrestricted opportunities to transform the student experience.
  • Political Science Department-Drs. Paul and Rebecca Nagy Endowment in Public Administration-Support of the Public Administration program in Harriot College, to be used at the discretion of the program chair.
  • Political Science Department-Scholarship Pool-Political Science scholarships enhance the department’s ability to recruit and retain top political science students.

Donations to our foundation account are used to help send students to professional conferences, meetings and workshops, competitions, and to provide a variety of student services that are not possible within state budgetary constraints. Funds donated to the department will also be used to support the professional development of the faculty and to foster innovation in teaching and research.

Any contribution you or your firm could make, whether it is $10, $100, or $1,000, would be greatly appreciated by our students and faculty.

The $1,000 Club

Donate $1,000 to the Department of Political science at East Carolina University and your name (or that of someone you wish to honor) will be engraved and featured on a special plaque in the department library. You will also receive a customized gift to show our appreciation. Seven names have been placed on a special plaque in the Political Science library in Brewster Building to honor those individuals (and one firm) who have donated $1,000 or more to the department during the past year. The faculty and staff – both past and present – are honored by these donations to the development fund.

Members of the $1,000 Club

Olivia and George Collier

Compaq Computer Corporation

Randy D. Doub

Stephen Flippin

Edith B. and Michael A. Fox

Richard J. Garkalns

Donald and Wilma Gaylor

Timothy B Edwards and Scott H. Gibson

Doug and Beth Gomes

Robert Dean Hartley

Wayne and Sherry Holloman

Mitchell L. Hunt

Gregory and Wendy Idol

John and Ann Laliotes

Robert and Victoria Lucas

Rhea Munson Markello

Sybil W. Moody-Trevisan

Mary F. Morris

Timothy Charles Morris

Paul and Rebecca Nagy

The Oak Foundation

Heidi and Wesley Pope

Harry W. Stubbs IV

Robert Tirman and Valerie H. Tirman

James Warlick

Tinsley and Mary Alice Yarbrough