Dr. Austin S. Matthews

Title: Assistant Professor, Ph.D (Louisiana State University)
Office: A-133
Office Phone: (252) 328-2292
Fax: (252) 328-4134
Email Address: matthewsa22@ecu.edu
Teaching Areas: Comparative Politics; Authoritarian Regimes; Russian and East European Politics; Civil-Military Relations
Research Interests: Political Elites in Dictatorships; Military and State Security Design; Technologies of Rebellion; Political Purges; Marxist Regimes and Post-Communist Politics

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Austin S. Matthews is an Assistant Professor at East Carolina University. His research focuses on the intersections between political elites, institutionalization, and repression in dictatorships. Dr. Matthews’ research has been featured in the British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Peace Research, German Politics, and other peer-reviewed academic journals.

Dr. Matthews’ CV